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Q. What is Peer to Peer: Challenging Extremism?

Q. I don’t know anyone who has radicalized, why does this apply to me?

A. The Peer to Peer: Challenging Extremism (P2P) program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and managed by EdVenture Partners (EVP). Facebook serves as the technology sponsor by providing the student teams $400 (USD) in Facebook ad credits.
A. Great question! We are all bystanders at some point in our lives, whether it be that time you were too tired to walk home your drunk friend and they ended up at their ex’s place, or maybe there was a fight in your high school and instead of getting a teacher to help you chose to walk passed safely to your next class, or perhaps your friend was showing some signs of apathy when they were usually energetic and enthusiastic and you were too afraid to ask “hey, what’s going on with you?” in case they became angered and embarrassed. Many of the people we interviewed did not even know that something was going on with their loved one in the first place. Passive bystanders can be even worse than active bystanders, because if they do not even have the choice to ignore the situation at hand. Oftentimes those who radicalize show signs of change in the same fashion as those who have mental illness; it is subtle and well hidden. Realizing that something is wrong in the first place and knowing how to ask the right questions and be an available support system may be all a person needs to seek help instead of radicalizing. In addition, this is just useful information to know in life, as we encounter the opportunity to be a bystander or a positive active participant on a daily basis.

Q. Where are all these photos coming from?

A. They’re part of our photo campaign! These are all followers of the campaign.

Q. Can I participate?

A. Of course you can! Just send in a photo to our email or on Facebook. Make sure to include a quote about a time you took action, a time someone helped you, or why you believe it is important to take action!

Q. I don’t like photos and I want to stay anonymous but I have something to say, is that alright?

A. Definitely! Just send us a quote and write in that you would like to remain anonymous! We appreciate all entries!

Q. I love your campaign, do you have any other social media pages?

A: We do! Check us out on tumblr at or on twitter @JustOneUMD. 

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