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We are a group of students at the University of Maryland  aiming to minimize the bystander effect. We wish to empower and inspire bystanders of all kinds to take action and move from being a passive bystander to an active and positive participant. We also want to teach people the proper ways to intervene, so that people understand how they can help in any situation.

What is the bystander effect? The bystander effect for the purposes of this project can be defined as cases in which individuals do not offer any means of help to another individual although there is opportunity. Our team conducted interviews in Fall 2016 with many bystanders, and discovered that people tend to be afraid of negative consequences--such as angering their peers, do not know how to act, or simply do not realize that they are a bystander at all.

It Takes Just One aims to turn the tides on this phenomenon. We want to teach you how to recognize the signs of radicalization, how to properly take action, and how to inspire others to take action as well.


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"Every Accomplishment Starts With The Decision to Try"

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